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Construction Method

Legasea Boatworks builds custom cold-molded jig boats. Our engineering design and jigs are provided by Applied Concepts Unleashed. We work hand in hand with the customer and
Applied Concepts to provide the desired custom creation.

Backbone: All structural members (stringers, keel, stem, chime, shear planks, etc)
are laminated Douglas fir.

Hull Bottom and Sides: Layers of okoume plywood are laminated together with 3/4 oz.
mat fiberglass in between for strength and impact resistance. After the hull is built, all surfaces are covered with structural fiberglass cloth or sealed with epoxy where applicable.

Bulkheads: Main bulkheads (engine room, rope locker, etc.) are laminated with 3/4 in. okoume plywood along with sound deadening materials where required. Interior bulkheads and cabinetry are constructed with honey-comb core materials which provide strength without the extra weight.

Epoxy: West Systems epoxy is used exclusively throughout the process.

Paint: Awl Grip paint products are used for all finished surfaces.